4 Things the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office Wants You to Know

By now you probably realize that the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office does a lot more than go around arresting people.  But, did you know that one deputy has a particularly interesting way of staying in shape?  I bet you can’t guess which deputy is a gourmet vegan chef when he’s off-duty.  And what is K-9 Nikkita’s favorite pastime?  Sit back, relax and indulge in the four things you should really know about the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies need to stay in good shape.  Deputies are frequently called upon to chase a fleeing suspect or rescue a citizen from a vehicle.  In order to perform their duties fully and to the best of their abilities, deputies must work out to maintain their strength and endurance.  Officer Stephanie Brennan maintains her excellent physique by tap dancing.  Officer Brennan has been tap dancing since the age of 4.  She claims that tap dancing allows her to express whatever she is feeling on any particular day.  For example, if her day is stacked with court appearances and testimony, tap dancing helps her to decrease and manage stress while keeping her in excellent physical shape

Deputies need to be healthy. In order to fuel their bodies for the sometimes grueling physical and mental demands of their jobs, deputies need to consume nutritious food.  Officer Poindexter is a bit of a nutrition guru and is known to bring dried fruit, vegetable and nut mixes with him on the job.  When he is off duty, he likes to experiment in the kitchen.  He cooks up eclectic plant-based meals that support his vegan diet.  Now, you may wonder how a vegan officer compares against a carnivorous officer.  However, if you’ve ever seen Officer Poindexter bolt after a suspect attempting to flee from the scene of a hit-and-run, you are well aware that his vegan diet does not slow him down!

Deputies need good people skills. In order to successfully interact with our diverse community, our deputies must have good people skills.  Our deputies continually polish these skills with extensive community involvement including Coffee with a Cop, Shop with a Sheriff and the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office Backpack Buddies Program.  Our deputies are also regular fixtures at local softball games, church events and community concerts.

Deputies need a good sense of humor. Keeping a community safe can sometimes be stressful.  But the men and women and their trusty K-9, Nikkita, know how to keep good humor flowing.  The whole office loves to watch Nikkita when she is off-duty as she engages in her favorite pastime:  chasing a tennis ball.  Stress and worry simply fade away as you watch this fierce and fearless police dog focus single-mindedly on a single yellow tennis ball as it is catapulted through the air.  Then, with great joy and pride, Nikkita retrieves the tennis ball, tail wagging as she returns the ball to the deputy who threw it for her.  When times get tough, deputies say that remembering the joy and humor of times like these make it easier to get through stressful situations.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office than you knew.  Next time one of these stellar men or women (or dog!) passes your way, be sure to thank them for all they do!


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