About Fans of the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office

The men and women of the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office are talented, intelligent and passionate about what they do.  They protect our community with an enthusiasm that is unmatched.  We value them in our community.  We’ve made this page as Fans of the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office because we don’t want to keep their fabulousness to ourselves.  We want to share with you all that they do!

Because of privacy concern and laws, we can’t tell you about the individual cases they work on or give any details about ongoing cases, but we can share with you what these service-oriented individuals do for our community on a daily basis.  We can highlight for you their extensive community involvement, including Coffee with a Sheriff Day, Backpack Buddies Back to School Extravaganza, Shop With a Sheriff, and the Summer Sheriff Concert Series.  We’ll also highlight for you some of our local programs to prevent juvenile delinquency and other involvement in the criminal justice system.  Our Youth Diversion Programs have been nationally-recognized, a fact of which we here at the Fans of the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office are so proud!  Studies have shown that community involvement and youth diversion are cornerstones of crime control and we applaud the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office for being at the forefront of these efforts.

Other services for which we applaud the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office include their Elderly/Shut-in Wellness Check Program, Car Seat Safety Inspection/Installation Program (for which our deputies have undergone weeks of training to attain and maintain certification!), and well as their Community Policing Initiative.  If you are concerned about an elderly or disabled relative and you are just too busy or too far away to check on your relative, the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office can ease your mind by performing a wellness check at the residence of your relative.  If you are having a baby and just can’t figure out what all those buckles and straps are for on your new car seat, much less where they should be anchored or affixed or otherwise installed, the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office offers free and safety-certified installation.  With the Community Policing Initiative, members of the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office go out into the local community and interact with the residents.  They may show up at the local car wash and help wash your car.  They may attend the local high school’s homecoming game and sit in the stands, cheering next to you.  One of the many ideas behind community policing is that by establishing familiarity and trust in the community, the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office can better serve you once a basis of trust and familiarity is established.

We applaud the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office and all that they do for and on behalf of our local community.  We’ve developed this site so that you can see for yourself the many ways our community is enriched by the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s Office.